Ex-Offenders and Employment - From Heather

Good Afternoon PFV. I would like to reply to the person who wrote the recent post about her partner's job situation. We were in similar circumstances last year and my husband struggled to find a job after he came out of prison. He didn't know what to do for the best because do you tell employers your past and not even stand a chance of an interview or do you not tell them with the fear you will get found out eventually? It's such a hard call because either way you feel stuck in a hole not knowing what to do for the best. In the end my husband enrolled with a recruitment agency and told them the truth which kinda worked out because he has had some lengthy contracts. The contract he is on now will steady him until after New Year which helps us tremendously financially. Please keep at it and I know how bloody frustrating it is but try the agencies and see what comes of it. Regards Heather.