GDS Diary On The Inside - Part 39

Please do excuse me for not writing this morning. Jeez? What is wrong with me? Excusing myself to a diary? Well, yes you see its part of me. Words are the semen of a creation and as in all creators what you create sometimes you need to say sorry! Today saw the UK Border Agency and translated for couple of people. Good for one not so good for another. You see in here one becomes the dregs of society. Imagine I have a £2.5 million confiscation order wrongly imposed, but don’t even have 45p for a TV guide! Quite remarkable but it’s OK because life is about surviving when things get tough and simply moving on. I miss my wife so much but can’t let that feeling effect my life, what there is of it, because if I do it’s over. Wednesday 6 August 2014 08.15pm – Some good news today. Cannot, really say much more but hopefully soon things may move forward. Was translating today at the healthcare unit and it was nice talking to the doctor who is a really nice man and extremely humane. Tonight have bit of headache because I caught a good bit of sun so will take some aspirin. Have not been able to call anyone, simply, no money on phone account and things here not good for working. Yes I do a lot of good work but its unpaid which is OK with me and I have always helped people with or without money so it’s OK but it means cannot really do anything and only through kindness of people can I survive which I do. The time will become – I Giovanni Di Stefano.