Going To Prison Because We Have Too - From Michael

Dear Prisoners Families Voices.
I have been a big follower of your blog more or less since it started.
I have been wanting to share my story for some time.
In 2009 I was homeless and living on the streets. I felt ashamed having to beg for money but it was my only way of survival. In Summer I would sleep in the graveyard and in shop doors. 
Winter was another story. I am very very ashamed to say that in Winter I would become a local nuisance and shop-lift in order to get myself arrested and hopefully get sent to prison. Prison was a shelter for me and although I deeply regret what I did, I had to survive.
I am back on my feet now and have a job and my own place but I often talk to those on the streets in the same situation I was once in.
I ask them what they do in Winter and many of them say that they intentionally get themselves in prison either for shop-lifting or breach of the peace.
Years ago people wouldn't dare pinch a penny sweet in case they got hauled off in to a Police van but nowadays human beings are deliberately thieving so that they can experience the warmth of a Police or prison cell. I often despair and think where do we go from here? Your blog is a wonderful site by the way and please do keep it going. With regards Michael.