How Does Maintaining Family Ties Work? - From Sharney

Hello. If I may, I would like to discuss the whole saying of, "maintaining family ties reduces re-offending."
My brother has the strongest family ties possible yet still re-offends. Our family has supported him no end with avenues of rehabilitation and helped him financially. We have always stood by him and visited him in prison yet he still goes back to HMP.
This whole 'family ties' thing confuses me. 
Yes I wholly agree that maintaining ties is important, but are those quoting this making it easier for our loved ones? Let me explain.
The more families scramble around providing financial support and driving to visit our loved ones in prison, sometimes 100's of miles away, is this actually deterring our loved ones from going in to prison? This by the way is just a thought because something doesn't sit right right.
I have met numerous wife's, girlfriends, Mums and Dads who visit their loved ones in prison never missing a weekend, yet when we have spoke, they tell me that no matter how much support they give their loved ones, they go back in to prison. So how does the maintaining family ties reduce re-offending? I would like to know how it works? Love and best wishes Sharney.