Is My Dad In Prison? - From Heather

When my partner received a custodial sentence, I told my daughter that we were visiting him at work. I too at the time felt this was the right thing to do namely to protect her.
One day she came home from school and asked me if her dad was in prison.
When I asked her why, she told me that one of her friends had told her.
I couldn't lie anymore and I told my daughter the truth because rumors were rife in the school.
One question led to another and I found this extremely difficult to explain the situation to her because her dad was in prison for a serious offence.
The situation spiraled and my daughter didn't want to go and visit her dad again in prison again.
After 12 months though, she decided that she did want to go and visit her dad again because she wanted to ask him some questions. By then she was 10 years old and if she wanted answers then she should get answers within reason of course.
Because her dad had committed a crime and was sent to prison, she thought that her dad did not care about her or love her anymore. I fully understood why she would feel that way because when he committed the crime, he had no thought on how this would affect his daughter. I will never condone what he did.
Her dad and I are no longer in a relationship because I wasn't prepared to put my life on hold. Some of you may think that I am selfish, but it is my decision to move on. I still take our daughter to see her dad in prison once a month and they have a good relationship communicating on a regular basis which involves visits, phone calls and letters. 
If there is any advise I can give, it would be to be careful what you tell your children in this situation. We all want what is best for them but sometimes a white lie can backfire, which it did in my case. I agree with others that it is a personal decision on what to tell your children when a parent is serving a prison sentence, but I regretted the 'dad's at work' thing and being openly honest was the best solution at the end of the day. Wishing you all the best. From Heather.