Jurassic Grayling

When UK prisoner Malcolm Biggins surfed the prison library for a book to read, he had a full blown panic attack resulting in the librarian having to help him blow in to a paper bag, made by prisoners in the work shop!
Biggins collapsed on the floor clutching a book he had found in the history section. When Biggins came round, he showed the book to the librarian who struggled to breathe himself.
The book by Christopher Grayling reflects the current book banning situation and clearly proves that Grayling's prison reform is indeed Jurassic. 
The book has now been taken out of the prison library and has been destroyed in order not to cause embarrassment. After Biggins recovered from his panic attack, he told us, " I started to hyperventilate through laughter and collapsed on to the floor. The prison healthcare has now put me on anti anxiety tablets which have calmed me down. I just couldn't believe the coincidence finding a book written by someone with the same name as that chap!"