Lovin Prison? - From Janley

My Sister passed away when my nephew was 10 and I was given full custody of him. He was a really bright kid and enjoyed studying. When he reached 13 he got involved with a crowd at high school and ever since has led a life of crime. He is now 17 and in a YOI. I went to visit him at weekend at he told me that he was doing OK and that he was 'lovin' in prison. Jesus Christ, he isn't supposed to 'love' prison, it should be somewhere he doesn't want to go back in but according to him, it's pretty damn cool in there and he has met 'a load of new mates!' Brilliant! What chance do I stand when he is released? Yes he has had a bad time of it when he lost his Mum and me and my husband supported him all we could. We even got him some support from counsellor and at one point he seemed to be doing alright. But please tell me why someone would 'love' prison? Is it because he is putting a front on or does he really like the place? We are so very concerned about all this! Any advice anyone?