Mother's Prison Secret - From ANON

Hi Guys. I'm researching everything to do with prison because at the age of 30 I have just found out that my Father was a life sentenced prisoner.
I grew up without my Dad, and Mum always told me and my brother that they had split up when I was 3 and my brother was 1. Growing up both me and my brother always asked Mum where we could find him and she always used to say that he had gone living in another country and that they had lost touch. 
It was only since my Mum passed away 6 months ago that my Aunt told me and my brother the full story.
My Father still might be in prison I don't know as I am still getting over the shock yet and haven't tried to find his whereabouts. My Brother doesn't want to know and his happy with his family and says that he doesn't wish to know about him which is his choice so that's fair enough. But I feel now is the time to try and find my Father. My Aunt has given me his name and I am about to start doing some work this week to track him down. My Aunt told me why he was or is still in prison and I am mortified but I feel that I need to see him and know more about him. No offence to any of your readers but I always looked down on criminals and never thought anything like this would be the outcome. As far as I knew my Father was in another country and that was that. Mum never spoke of him and I was always cut short and silenced whenever I asked Mum about him.
Would it be OK to ask your readers if they or anyone they know has been through a similar thing? I suppose it's not a common thing but I would like to hear from someone who maybe has found out the truth about a parent who has been in prison and it has been kept a secret from them. Thanks ANON