Phone Bill Or Prison Visit? - From Prisoners Partner

Dear Prisoners Families Voices.
Weekend just gone, my prison visit cost me £120.00. It was a choice of taking the kids to see their dad or paying the phone bill. The kids hadn't seen their dad for 3 months and were asking and asking if they could visit him so how could I say no. The cost of the visit though has not enabled me to pay the phone bill so now their dad cannot phone them.
It cost nearly £65.00 for the train to the prison for me and the kids. A further £25.00 in return taxi fares. It cost me roughly £10.00 whilst sat on the train as the goodies and drinks trolley paced up and down the aisle. And when we got inside the prison it cost me another £20.00. Why does the Government make it hard for families especially children to maintain ties with their mum or dad in prison? I know my partner did wrong, I know that, but my children don't fully understand because they are too young.
They just think that we can hop on to the train every weekend to go and visit him but that is just not possible. It is impossible. We won't be able to visit him now for another three months because in the meantime I have to save and pay the phone bill so that they can speak to their dad! Choices are so difficult in this situation especially when there are children involved. I just thought I'd let you know some of the struggles families face. Thanks.