Police Phobia - From Anonymous Mother

Most children are frightened of the bogie-man or Mr Moon, my daughter isn't afraid of any of those - her fear is the Police.
When we walk down the street and see a Police officer approaching, we have to cross the road.
When we see a Police car or van, with or without the sirens blaring, I have to pick my daughter up and cover her ears whilst she trembles in my arms.
When my daughter's school has community bobbies coming in to do talks and presentations, she has to be dismissed from the class because she starts trembling and crying. 
My daughter has a phobia of the Police.
Eighteen months ago, my husband was arrested for supplying drugs. 
Poor me thought he was going to 'work' every morning on a building site. One of his friends even picked him up every morning and I thought nothing of it.
Eighteen months ago at 5.00am, the Police came through my door and turned the house upside down. The noise was horrendous and the Police were a scary bunch.
Our daughter was petrified and screaming to the point of vomiting.
My husband was cuffed and behind the sink in our bathroom were rolls of money. During his trial, I was told that he was planning to leave me for his mistress, a local woman he had been having an affair with for two years.
I had heard enough and turned my back on him completely because our daughter was my main concern.
She still has nightmares that are so bad she wakes up trembling and shaking.
We were offered no support by the Police or other agencies.
What happens God forbid if my daughter needs the Police at some point?
What when she enters her teenage years she needs the Police because some weirdo is bothering her or God forbid she meets a man who is aggressive towards her? At some point in anyone's life, we need the Police for whatever reason.
I was told a few months ago that if my daughter needed counselling, I would have to pay for it. I can't afford it.
The school have been relatively understanding but until you have the Police coming through your door doing what they do, no one can ever understand.
I know the Police have a job to do and I know that my husband is where he should be which is in prison, but my daughter didn't ask for any of this. She didn't know her builder Father was a drug dealer.
The school have informed me that they will try to help my daughter and push for counselling so at least now we are getting somewhere, but I have had to really fight for this. I am going to swear so please pardon my language, but it has been a fucking living nightmare. Right now I have a 7 year old daughter who thinks that the Police are bogie-men!