Prison Pen Pal Blip - From Bobby

Hi to all. I have been out of prison for 2 and a half years and my partner and I have just had another baby.
We were cleaning out the pantry the other day when we came across the letters my partner sent me. We decided to have a browse through them. Whilst doing so she found a letter from one of my female pen pals.
Stupid me never told her that I was writing to 2 other women  but there was nothing in it whatsoever and no plans to hook up with the pen pals when I got released from prison. I should have told her but my partner gets jealous so I kept it to myself. I thought I had binned the letters from pen pals before I was released but clearly I had missed one and it has caused havoc to the point we have split up to let things settle.
Life was pretty much going OK too as I have just found myself regular employment but I just wanted to write in and tell my story about prison pen pals and how much aggro it can cause if you are not up front about writing to others. Cheers Bobby.