Prison Pen Pal Horror - From Anonymous

Hi. I used to write to a prisoner and came unstuck big time!
Before anyone replies and says it, I'll say it first by saying that I know there are genuine people in prison who want friendship but I landed a pen pal who fleeced me.
I'm a grown woman so I was fully responsible for my bad decisions.
I started writing to a prisoner who wasn't a lifer but someone who was serving quite a long time in prison. 
Every night I used to tap away on my lap top and type my pen pal a letter. 
After about 8 months, he asked me if I wanted to visit him. I wasn't sure but I decided to go along and meet the person who I got to know well via letters.
He wasn't shy and was up front about his past and told me he had been in prison quite a few times. So I decided to go and meet him.
He was single and just needed a friend plus he did actually come across as being a very genuine person.
As I sat opposite him in the visits room, I noticed his clothing was a bit shot at.
I told him not to be offended and asked him if I could buy him some new clothing and he seemed very appreciative. I have a good job, no children, so I could afford to treat him. 
To cut a long story short, we grew very fond of each other and I supported him financially every week and what I gave him wasn't pennies either. I spend a considerable amount of money on him. One night when he rang, he asked me if I would buy him some new trainers which were £80.00. I said yes no problem and he asked me if I could send the money to his sister so that she could purchase them for him and book them in at the prison as she lived nearer to the prison. I sent the money and in fact I sent his sister quite a lot of money over the four years I was writing to her brother.
During a visit I was having a cigarette outside before the visitors were shouted in to the visits room. A woman came over to me and asked me for a light and said that she had seen me visiting before. She then went on to ask me whether my partners girlfriend knew that I was visiting! I hadn't got a clue what she was on about and she explained that the man I was visiting usually has a young woman and a child visiting him. He had never mentioned them to me and I asked the woman if she was sure. She replied yes as her partner was on the same wing as mine. After some careful investigating, imagine my horror when I eventually found out that his sister, the one I was sending money too, was actually his partner and they had a child together! Basically I was providing for his partner and supporting their child! I had been well and truly mugged! 
I could have pressed charges but I didn't want the hassle so I just stopped writing and asked the prison to stop all outgoing mail to my address which they did. I changed my phone number and have since moved even though he wasn't from my local area. I think someone mentioned in a post on your blog that being taken advantage of just doesn't happen on dating websites. It is true, it happens in prisons too! For anyone reading, please just be careful. I know there are some prisoners who want genuine friendships like there are people who use dating sites to genuinely meet someone etc. But in all walks of life there are those who take advantage. Love and best wishes to all. Anonymous.