Prison Visit Decisions - By Partner Of Prisoner

Hey guys hope you are all doing well!
I would really like to respond to a post written by someone who is in mixed minds to take her child on a prison visit. I have been through this dilemma and it is a tough one.
My lad is now 5 and he was 3 when I took him to see his dad. I told him a fib saying that we were visiting him at work for a few hours because that's the way I dealt with it at the time.
When he is older I will tell him the truth but for now, it doesn't distress my son, my partner or me when we visit.
I cannot advise anyone else to do this because it is a very personal decision when in this situation but for me at this moment in time, it works and it keeps the peace. It isn't ideal I know but that is the way we as a family prefer it at the moment. I just wanted to let the person know that she isn't the first person in this dilemma and sadly she won't be the last. Please tell the person that I am thinking about them and I hope the decision they make works.