Prisoners Families Charities Please Explain - From Gillian

Hi PFV hope you are all well! 
Please could I respond to the brilliant post by Sharney which I have just seen over on Twitter.
I absolutely agree with her about the maintaining family ties thing.
The Government urge prisoners families to maintain ties because quite frankly I believe they want their beds to be filled at all times!
My partner is in prison and this is actually the third time he has been in prison since we met. I work full time, have a lovely home which I have worked hard for and we have a beautiful 18 month old little girl. I write to him, he phones me every night and me and my daughter visit him twice a month and engage in family visits when the prison organizes them. My partner knows that I will stand by him and that I will maintain ties with both myself and our daughter so I really do agree with Sharney and ask how maintaining family ties supposedly reduces re-offending?
Are the Government urging us to keep in contact for a reason namely financially? I love my partner but looking at it realistically, he doesn't have the worries I have out here plus he knows for a fact that I am here for him whilst he is in prison and when he is released, so I would like charities and organisations that campaign for prisoners families to elaborate on why maintaining family is important? From Gillian.