To Visit Or Not To Visit? - From Vicky

I was reading a post on your blog about a lady feeling that she is a criminal because her husband is in prison.
I feel the same especially when I visit my partner in prison.
Our little girl is only 18 months old and will be 5 when her dad is released from prison. 
She may only be 18 months old but she knows something is wrong. I haven't taken her to visit her dad yet because I don't know how this will affect her as she has always been a daddy's girl so I don't know how she will react when we have to leave the visits room. I just don't know what to do but I can't deny her from seeing him because he is her dad and he wants to see his little girl too. The prison my partner is in is such a long distance from where we live and I have to take in to account how our daughter will be on the way home. She still cries for her daddy now when she gets upset so to take her away from him at the end of a visit is going to be very painful plus she will not understand the situation because she is too young.
I know people can't advise me what to do because the decision is mine etc but it is such a very hard decision to make and I was just wondering if any or some of your blog readers have been in my shoes and how they coped with making that decision. Love Vicky.

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