Dad's Drinking Because Son Is In Prison - By Anonymous

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. Please could you not display my full name and email contact thank you. 
My brother is in prison which has affected us all as a family. It has in particular affected our Dad the most and at the age of 84, he has started drinking quite heavily every night because he says that drink gets him through the heartache of his son being in prison. Our Dad has spoken to us about the fact that his son will not be around on the outside when Dad passes away. Yes it is a morbid discussion but it is a fact when all said and done unless Dad lives past 104 years of age. Dad is quite fit and has always looked after himself but since my brother has been sent to prison, he has taken a trip down the drink aisle. We have tried reasoning with Dad but his attitude is that he doesn't see any harm drinking because at 84 he has had a good innings anyway. 
Dad won't go and visit his son because he said he would not be able to cope saying goodbye after every visit and leaving him there would be too painful.
Dad has the impression in his head that prison is like those on America's death row which as we know that UK prison's aren't like that at all. He also thinks that his visits would be behind glass on the telephone which again isn't correct but when we tell him this, he thinks that we are only saying it to get him to visit.
I love my brother and always will but what annoys me is that whilst he is stuck in prison, he does not have to face up to the true impact of his actions like we do here in the outside world. It is very hard and challenging to battle through the imprisonment impact and what my brother has done to land himself in prison in the first place. It's just awful for everyone all round.