Devastated - From Worried Mum

Please keep me anonymous. My 20 year old son was sentenced to a 2 year prison sentence on Friday. This is tearing my whole family apart, my husband ,my 16 year old son, my brother, my sister, etc... I cannot describe how I feel I don't think there is a word that exist how I feel. it's like a stone in a pond the ripple affects gone on for miles the people left behind struggling to cope without him. He by his own admission had a fantastic childhood we are a hard working family my husband works in the financial sector I'm in marketing he himself a good job in insurance and now we are all left in limbo uncertain of the future all for a stupid mistake he made we are all paying the ultimate price. We have to find out today about the first visit I really need to see him I know it will be hard but I miss him so much already and it's only been 3 days. There is little to no information at the moment until the first visit then I suppose it will become routine with any luck he may be home in 8 months but it's still 8 months too long for a mum who's lost her baby... I'm struggling to function I can't eat or sleep I just don't know how I'm going to do this sentence too...... Yours a very devastated loving Mum