Driven Out Of Her Job - From Anonymous Mum

Without going in to detail, my ex husband has recently been sentenced to prison for a very long time. The story was in the local newspaper and the national ones. 
Our daughter works part-time for a well known company and she has had no choice but to leave her job because one of the bosses had her in the office and asked her if the story (Dad's crime)  is likely to entice reporters at my daughters place of work.
She also felt that she was being treated 'differently' from the other employees too.
She came home last week sobbing in to my arms because whenever she went for her break in the staff canteen, some employees would talk about 'criminals' and discuss that capital punishment should be brought back to Britain. This discussion took place intentionally because everyone at my daughters place of work knows about her Dad. I just thought that I would give Prisoners Families Voices an insight of what older children of prisoners have to face. Her Dad's actions has knocked her confidence and at 17 she has been issued anti-depressants by her doctor to help her to see this through somehow. It is a nightmare.