GDS Prison Diary - Part 41

08.00pm – Quite a busy day in fact it has turned out. Tonight in one hour the TV film on the life of Cilla Black. I have met Cilla few years ago not long after her husband died. Her record ‘Anyone who had a heart’ is the first record I bought I think I was eight or something. Of course I stole 6 and 8 pence which was the cost in those days of records. Three records cost £1. I think I remember on TV hearing she was the first woman to be No 1 in the charts but could be wrong. Today tried to call my little son but can’t get through. Infuriating, with all the phones can’t get through but then it’s my own stupid fault being in this position. I should never have trusted the Government that I would be sent to Italy quickly. Never mind. I have paid a price for my trust and loyalty and now the time has come for me to present the bill!!! The Scottish referendum is nearly here. My God how biased have the BBC been to the ‘yes’ campaign. The Daily Mail also so biased. Jeez there is a threat that if Scotland is independent the Scots will lose ‘Strictly Come Dancing’!!! Seems the English really do need the Scots much more than they can admit.