Judging Prisoners Children - From A Teacher

Hi. I would like to remain anonymous please.
I am a teacher and my Father is in prison.
Only the Headmistress knows.
I have been reading your blog for some time because of its interesting content and I would like to share with you my findings.
I have been teaching for five years and more and more children appear to have a parent in prison. Their families do not usually disclose that their partner/husband is in prison, but the children tend to open up and tell us that they have visited their Mother/Father in prison of a weekend.
All we can do as teachers is listen to them.
Little do they know that I myself have a parent serving a prison sentence but I am much older and can accept that my Father is in prison for a reason.
Some of the children who have spoken to me have told me that they visit their Dad's at work, but where he works resembles prison because they have seen pictures of similar places on TV. 
I have seen other children mocking those who have a parent in prison and that is extremely sad to see. Some Mother's try to protect their child by telling them that their Dad works in a large building doing manual labour etc, but I have seen that cover blown when other children shout out that they have seen such-a-bodies Dad in the newspaper because they have been sent to prison. I have witnessed sadness and I have seen children become withdrawn due to their circumstances and taunts from other children.
Naturally this issue is extremely close to my heart. I too am in their situation and I too have a secret. My Father works on the oil rigs. It is easier that way rather than go through the whole process of explaining why he is in prison. You would have thought that at my age I would be able to tell people, but I would rather not and that is my choice. Some of the children I teach don't have a choice because the community has already judged them. Imagine how you would feel if your child was the only child in the classroom that wasn't invited to a party because their Dad is in prison? Yes, it happens because the human race are often ignorant and I am talking about the adults here. I have heard adults in the playground waiting to collect their children at home time discussing a small child whose Father is in prison saying that the child is cut from the same cloth. They have already made up their minds haven't they? But can those who judge categorically state that their own children will remain out of trouble and lead perfect life's? 
Can I just end by saying that if any of your readers are guilty of writing a child off because his/her parent is in prison, just think about your judgement because my Dad may well be behind bars - but I'm not - neither are the children I teach whose Mum or Dad is in prison.