No Merry Christmas - From Ash

God loves a trier and boy have I tried helping and supporting my partner! He was released last month and I stood by him whilst he was serving his sentence. He promised me that he would never step back foot in prison and more fool me I believed him. But last week little did I know (and I gave him bus fare money) he had skipped his probation appointments and was recalled back to prison! To say I am fuming is an understatement as I planned a fantastic Christmas for the both of us but probation have told me that it is unlikely he will be re-released for Christmas even on appeal. 
Basically he has ruined our future and for those with good supportive families behind them who do this is just plain wrong. I kept the house going and worked hard to pay all the bills whilst he was in prison and this is what he has done! How hard is it to attend a probation appointment? I can't hold his hand and tag along with him on every appointment just to make sure he goes so needless to say that that is me and him over with.
I honestly feel like I have wasted years waiting for him to come home convincing myself that everything will be sweet when he got released but it hasn't worked that way. Sorry for the moan but do people/partners actually do this and risk their freedom by failing to attend their probation appointments? I would like to hear from others if this has happened to them because right now I am furious and heartbroken at the same time. It is said that families who support their loved ones in prison can make a difference and reduce offending? 
I tried but I failed!