UK Prison Newspapers - From Sandra

Hello PFV. My name is Sandra and my partner has just been recalled to prison. 
As partners, family members etc, of those in prison, it is generally WE that spend hours on our phones ringing solicitors and probation officers on behalf of our loved ones because as you know, prison phone call costs can barely give you a decent minute conversation.
What annoys me, and it really does annoy me is that information concerning prisons is nine times out of ten aimed at prisoners only. Yes, they may well be the ones that are serving a prison sentence, but what about the families that are serving their own sentences, spending hours making phone calls to legal firms and battling with probation officers. What I am basically getting at is the prison newspapers around do not actually cater for prisoners families which I find rather disappointing when we the families are the centre piece of our loved ones sentences. The prison newspaper Inside Time and Converse barely in my opinion feature family issues. A third prison newspaper is now out, Jail Mail, and reading that online I have noticed does not feature family issues and I am not being funny but they all should! There should be a dedicated section in every prison newspaper for prisoners families in my opinion. Our loved ones may well be behind bars but it is us that is doing all the running about! Love and best wishes, Sandra.