UK Prison Newspapers - From Zoe

If I may, I would like to reply to the lady who wrote about prison newspapers rarely featuring family issues. I absolutely agree that prisoners families stories and opinions should indeed be featured in such publications.
Some prisoners need to face up to what impact re-offending has on their children and close family members. I have spent hours this week ringing my partners solicitor concerning his prison recall and family members have more contact with the solicitors than the prisoners themselves due to prison phone call charges.
I get landed with ringing my partners solicitor because he needs to save his phone credit to ring his daughter of an evening before she goes to bed. The work families do for prisoners goes unrecognized and the whole concentration is on the offender. I had to trawl the internet to find my partner a prison recall solicitor until I found a suitable and reputable one.
The fact that sites like yours pulls in huge readership proves that there is indeed a need for families of prisoners yet our personal stories hardly make it in to a prison newspaper? I have stopped reading prison newspapers to be quite frank with you because stories just revolve around prisoners serving sentences. What about us who serve their sentences with them?