Where Do I draw The Line? - From Anonymous Mother

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. After doing a google search on sons in prison, I came across your site. My son is in prison and this is his third prison sentence. Like many other Mum's I make sure he is OK and has regular visits. But I will say this, it costs me more financially to make sure he is OK in prison than it does here in the outside world.
I also very often think that if prison is such a bad place, why does he keep going back?
When he served his first prison sentence, I was mortified when he told me that prison wasn't as bad as people make out. When I asked him whether prison was a deterrent, he simply said, no it wasn't.
I am a good decent Mother and person. I have four children and three of them are doing well and have good life's. I have always treated my children the same and have treated them all fairly. I never expected that one of my children would end up in prison. The rest of my children refuse to visit him or contact him in prison. They have washed their hands of him because this is his third time in prison. That just leaves me to pick up the pieces and try to get to the bottom of why he perhaps prefers prison than living at home. All sorts has run through my mind and I have tossed and turned of a night with my brain on overload trying to find a solution. I know the main solution is for my son to take responsibility for his own actions but what work and support has been put in place for him just isn't working. Probation provide no support and other services that are involved do not seem to be helping him. I just don't want to be prison visiting for the rest of my life. I am in a dilemma also because my other children disagree with me sending him money and buying things to make his life easier in prison which I guess that is what I am doing. But I'm his Mum and I love him. I just wish I knew where to draw the line. Thanks for listening and please protect my name and details. Thank you.