Heroin and Prison - From Anonymous Family Member

My brother was in prison for drugs offences and he was an addict too addicted to heroin.
Me and my Mum couldn't cope with his prison sentences and his drug habit because he was stealing from us all the time and put us through hell. The only thing we could do is walk away from him because he had been in prison 5 times and every time he came out of prison he would come home and make our lives hell. Anyway he went to prison last year and sorted himself out and did very well in the drugs rehab part of the prison. 
As soon as he was released he went and bought some heroin and injected it. He died instantly.
The pain and grief me and Mum are going through is unbearable because we feel guilty that for a time we turned our backs. Please if anyone has been through this could you write in to the blog. Please don't publish my name. Thank you Editor.