Heroin Destroys Families - From Beth

Dear Sir or Madam. I would like to reply to the person who wrote in to your site about losing her brother to an heroin overdose.
My ex partner of ten years is an heroin addict and has been in prison many times.
He always promised me that he would come off the gear but it never happened. Obviously he didn't want too!
Being with an heroin addict is a nightmare. 
I felt embarrassed walking down the street with him and all my neighbours knew he was a druggie. I work full time and have never taken drugs so being with someone who was an addict was indescribable. He wasn't a bad person and I know he stole off me and others to fund his habit, but I had had enough and walked away from him. 
As far as I know he is back in prison again and I doubt he will ever come off drugs. He is 44 years of age so his future doesn't look too bright. Can I just say to the person who wrote in about her brother that they should not blame themselves for walking away. It is awful living with someone addicted to this disgusting drug. The stress it causes innocent families is extreme to the point of breakdown. If I could give this person a hug I would because I have experienced living with a drug addict and it is just awful beyond belief. 
I am sorry for the families grief but people on drugs make their own decision to screw their lives up and their loved ones lives too. From Beth.