Offenders Explaining Gaps In Their CV's? - From Ex Prisoner

Good day!
I have recently been released from prison.
My wife stood by me throughout my sentence and I will be eternally grateful for her support. 
We have a 12 year old daughter together.
I have been out now for three months.
I feel that I cannot settle and my wife is on my case to get a job every day.
I have tried and tried and then tried some more sending vast amounts of job applications off and haven't yet had one interview.
My wife knows this has I show her my applications online and what I have applied for.
We are arguing constantly and this is not good for our daughter.
Yes I did wrong and served my time but my wife will not let me forget it and this is preventing me from moving on. Every time I go to probation she insists on driving me there because she says she doesn't trust me to attend my appointments. 
I do want to turn my life around more than anything but after serving nearly 7 years I can't turn it around immediately especially after just 12 weeks. My CV is also another issue because how do I explain the gaps in it?