Persecuting The Innocent - From Anonymous Reader

Hello. Please could you with hold my name and email details thanks.
I am writing to you on behalf of my neighbour who is a pensioner and a lovely soul.
His son has recently been sent to prison for not a very nice crime but I would rather not go in to detail about it.
Since his son went to prison my neighbour has been targeted by locals in the area. They have thrown bricks through his window, thrown eggs at his door and spit at him every time he walks to the shops. My neighbour has done nothing wrong at all, it was his son who had and is serving time in prison for his actions. 
How can people judge someone and inflict so much pain on an elderly person who by the way served for his country and has been an upstanding member of our community? 
Yes the crime was an awful one his son committed and his Father (my neighbour) is paying the ultimate price for it which is not fair! 
My neighbour has stopped going out to the shops and isn't sleeping. 
I make sure I pop round every day to make sure he is eating and I go to the shops for him.
He is such a lovely gentleman and is absolutely devastated by what his son has done.
The victims family even spat at my neighbour in court! I am very sorry for the victims family but they are out of order for penalizing an innocent man! The shame for him is enough without idiots frightening him to death in his own home! 
I will catch them though because I have just installed CCTV! I just cannot believe the mentality of some people punishing someone innocent! Rant over! Thanks for listening.