The Other Side Of The Story - From Anonymous

Hi to all. No disrespect aimed at the victims of crime whatsoever but I think that families of those who have committed crime get a rough deal all round too. 
My partner committed a serious offence last year when I was ready to give birth to our daughter. 
He had always had a wild streak but had never committed a serious crime before and it left our family absolutely devastated. The stress caused the onset of early labour and I gave birth a month early.
Every night after he was arrested, I went to bed and had nightmares about what he had done and could not get the victims family out of my head. I still can't but for the sake of my own well-being and my daughters, I am trying to move on the best I can.
I am very unsure about mine and my partners future as he will be locked away for quite some time and I am not prepared to put my life on hold. He has said himself that I should move on because it is unfair that I serve his sentence with him, but we will always have our daughter that keeps us connected to one another.
Six months after he committed the crime, his Father passed away as he started to drink heavily due to what happened. My partner's brother went off the rails too and has gotten himself heavily in to drugs. It's pretty much one big mess. 
I wouldn't wish it on anyone to be in this situation. I moved away from the area I lived in because the victims family lived nearby although I hadn't done anything wrong I thought it better that they didn't need a constant reminder of my partner when I saw them out shopping etc. I have started a new life elsewhere were I can rebuild a life for myself and my daughter. The consequences of serious crime is indescribable and there are no words that can honestly describe it. We have to move on however painful it is.
Thank you all for raising issues concerning prisoners families. Quite often the public only see one side of the story. Blessings to all.