Think Before You Comment - From Anonymous Family Member

My brother has recently been sentenced and will be spending a while in prison. I don't want to go in to why he is in prison because it distresses our family.
The person it has hit the hardest is our Mother who is in her 80's and is frail at the moment.
Her son was her blue-eyed boy and now she looks upon him as being dead because she will never see him again. She cannot travel to the prison due to ill health and God bless her I cannot see her being with us when he is finally released from prison. I know I shouldn't talk this way but we have to face facts and that is basically the top and bottom of it.
My Mother used to go to an OAP afternoon group just to get out of the house and mingle with others over a cup of afternoon tea and scones. She could only manage an hour but at least she managed an hour and socialized with others. The community centre is literally just around the corner from where Mother lives so it was a handy resource. 
Since my Brother has been sentenced and his crime in the local newspaper, Mum refuses to go to the OAP afternoon because she is too ashamed to go. I feel like my Brother through his selfish actions has denied Mum the last little bit of independence she had! 
Whether anyone likes it or not, he is to blame for putting Mum in this situation and this has affected her badly. I am fully aware that the victims of crime are those who are in the forefront of being affected and I am so sorry for anyone who has to go through the pain and heartache, but there are also other pairs of shoes out here that no one wants to tread either which are those of prisoners families who did not ask their family members to go and commit crime yet we are frowned upon like we too are criminals. A lot of people blame criminal behaviour on upbringing. In some cases that maybe so but in many other cases there are criminals who have had excellent upbringings so please think about it and don't judge before you know the full story. 
Thank you so much for listening and I would appreciate it if my name is kept private.