Leave The Families Out Of It - From Anon

Hi. I am not sure where to start...
My Brother is in prison and my Mum is at breaking point. Since he was sent to jail 6 months ago she has been having massive panic attacks and has become withdrawn and stopped taking pride in her appearance which is just not like my Mum. 
The other week she got a nasty letter through the post which we presume is off someone who knew the victim involved in the crime my Brother committed. The letter was hostile and contained some strong offensive language.
The victim survived but was badly injured and I accept the anger. What I don't accept is the hate directed at my Mum! She has done absolutely nothing wrong! If the victims family members or friends want to have their say then they should be writing to my Brother asking him questions not my Mum because my Mum cannot simply explain why my Brother did what he did! To be very honest I am sick of reading about prisoners families who are targeted because of their loved ones actions. My Mum has never broken the law and has worked hard all her life and paid her taxes like every other law abiding citizen. I too have never broken the law but my Brother did which is nothing whatsoever to do with Mum and I. I have been a victim of serious crime myself so I can understand some of the pain, but to aim anger at innocent individuals is plain bang out of order.