Autism in Prison's - From a Worried Mum

There is a lot of focus on autism in our prison's in the UK.
My son is autistic and is in prison. 
As far as I am concerned, his needs are not being met. 
Do prison officers and probation officers alike know the traits and triggers of a person with autism? Is there training in this area and how are behaviour's managed? 
My son is autistic. Loud noises are enhanced and he will present behaviour's that challenge. The slamming of a door, the sudden noise of an alarm, shouting, screaming and crying will distress my son. 
Routine is a must, he has to know in advance what he is required to do because he needs time to process whatever is required of him.
He sometimes repeats sentences and people think he is being rude. He isn't, he has got autism. 
He has unusual sensory interests. He sniffs and smells objects, be it a table or the floor. Some people think he is weird. He isn't, he has got autism. 
My son has a strong like and dislike to certain foods based on the texture or colour as much as the taste. He isn't being awkward, far from it, the problem is he has autism. Do prison's and their staff attend to the needs of someone with autism? I would like to know how someone with autism in prison is treated and I would also like to know if their needs are met.
I was told that the prison has a duty of care for my son? 
Thank you. From a worried Mum.