Families Cannot Control Re-Offending - By Guest Blog Writer

By Guest Blogger 

Drugs, prison, death, that's pretty much the order if you use class A drugs. 
My partner died of an heroin overdose - inevitable but devastating nonetheless. 
During the last 18 months of his life, I went NC, (No contact)
I finally had my awakening and realised that I was enabling his addiction so I packed his bags and asked him to leave - to save my own sanity! 
He was in active addiction and no matter how much I tried, the time came when I finally woke up and faced the facts - I couldn't control it and I couldn't cure him. 
I spent the best part of 8 years travelling from prison to prison and standing by him, but no amount of maintaining family ties could beat heroin. The drug over-rides everything. 
The Government appear to be deluded - they quote that family support reduces re-offending? Perhaps for some, yes, but those addicted to heroin will always choose their drug before their family. Always. 
So looking at the 'reducing re-offending' and how families allegedly play a part in it; how is this really possible? It isn't. If the Government take a step back and look in to the effects of heroin and what damage the drug does; it is insulting to be told that good supporting families are the key to reducing re-offending. It is a load of old baloney - and then some! 
I would like to hear off families who agree with me or can offer their opinions on what I have written.

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