Legal Highs in Prison - From a Prisoner's Partner

Last year legal highs were linked to more than 100 deaths in the UK and a rise in violent assaults in prison.
Will the blanket ban work? The legal high ban will join the rest of the drugs that are illegal and are still rife and still accessible. It will make no difference.
It will make no difference because legal highs are addictive. There have been endless interviews with addicts and their families on morning programmes. 
My partner has tried it, not on the out, but in prison! He was introduced to it in HMP! If he dies in there, who will take the responsibility? My partner would be to blame obviously as he is responsible for his own actions, but illegal substances should not be available in HMP! 
The system is too soft and I am saying this as a partner of someone in prison! 
Everyone has human rights, I get that, but it has gone way too far! 
Legal highs are as poisonous as heroin, crack and the rest of the class A substances. One guy on a popular morning show said he could not function without Spice - that surely is on par with heroin and crack? 
People keep saying this and that about the war on drugs etc; what war? 
Tougher sentences and penalties for drug dealers is a start, surely? 
But the amount of people using drugs; is there enough room in the prison estate to house offenders who commit drug related offences? No there isn't because that's why the courts dish out bloody drug treatment orders that do not work! People turn up for their appointments and as soon as they leave they are scoring drugs! It is a complete waste of time and money!
Who are the goons who set the sentencing guidelines? 
All the professionals harp on about is;'you have to take responsibility for your own actions'. What about the bloody government? Where does their responsibility come in to it?