Life for Drug Dealers - From Anon

Hi, I don't want to give my name but I am the sister of an ex-prisoner who overdosed off heroin and died. 
In my opinion, drug dealers should be given life sentences. Families of drug users go through hell and back and the impact it has on them is devastating. 
I stood by my brother through thick and thin and had scum drug dealers knocking at my door demanding money. What turns my stomach is these bastards are still pushing their filthy drugs in to hands of teenagers today whilst my brother is 6 foot under. They go to prison and within hours of being released they are selling drugs again. 
I know some will say that it was my brothers choice and that is correct. But please research what heroin does to the human mind. 
Drug dealers rarely use it, they aren't stupid! 
My brother was a runner, he sold for the big shots who profited from devastating families and killing people. Yes, heroin kills people and yes, heroin is illegal. 
When the drug dealer finally got busted, I went to court. I saw his girlfriend crying and in tears because he was sent to prison. But why? She had all the designer clothes on and was carrying a top name handbag! She reaped the benefits too but played the victim. He didn't get a long prison sentence so she didn't have to wait too long for a new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes! 
I'll move on now to the word ''rehabilitation'' and that is exactly what it is, a word. 
A 25 year old lad in my town bought a house outright from money he made selling illegal drugs. He's been to prison a few times but he has no intention whatsoever of working in a factory packing toothpaste for £7.20 an hour. Why should he when he can make £7.20 a minute selling drugs? When he goes to prison he only serves short sentences so prison doesn't bother him and he picks up where he left off when he is released. He will tell you himself that what he does is an occupational hazard and there is no way he would work in a dead end factory job. He probably wouldn't even get a mortgage if he did! 
As for me, I work full time and I struggle to get by. I have a mortgage and I am in arrears with my council tax which has now gone to court. I live my life by the law book but it does me no favours.
People quote that ''you cannot beat the system''. Yes you can and there are people doing it every second of the day. Prison is just a place you go to if you get caught. From all accounts, prison is a place where you can now continue with your drug dealing business because I have read endless news articles about prison's being rife with drugs and mobile phones so it is simply just a relocation for the scum that sells it. 
My email may come across as embittered, but what do you expect.
My brother is dead and the dealers are still breathing. How is that justice?