Prison is no Big Deal - From Minnie

Welcome back PFV!
There's some interesting topics on your blog but I would like to talk about the stigma issue surrounding families of prisoners. 
I am not by any means pigeon holing anyone but I live in an area in Manchester and going to prison is no big deal.
I'm not justifying it, I'm telling the truth.
The UK needs to evolve on this prison stigma lark because not all kids are affected by imprisonment. Sadly for a lot of them, it's part of life. 
I mentor 2 teenagers who have been to YOI's, (Young Offenders Institutes) and prison doesn't bother them in the slightest. Why doesn't it bother them? If it doesn't bother them, then rehabilitation isn't much use. Their Dad is in prison and a few of their uncle's are serving time. They come from a family who will tell you outright to your face that prison is no big deal. So because PFV has a wide audience, I would like to hear off some professionals, probation officers, social workers and whoever would like to comment to advise me how these 2 young men can be rehabilitated? Bearing in mind please that prison does not bother them at all. Answers on a postcard!