Prison is not the Place for Autism - From a Mother

I have a son with autism and he too is in prison. 
His behaviour is compulsive and severe at times. 
The Judge in court said that he showed no remorse - well he wouldn't because he is autistic and sorry is just a word. He shows no empathy whatsoever. 
As a mother raising her son, I received very little help and support from the authorities. He was seen as being just plain naughty. 
Someone asked me last week if I thought my son should be in prison. I answered no because I strongly believe that he needs specialist help. I won't blame the prison and its staff because prison officers are prison officers - they do not specialise in autism and no doubt they do not have the volume of staff to support him one on one, not that he would want that in a prison environment! 
My son is in prison for fighting. Anyone who is on the receiving end of someone with autism will tell you that they have super-strength when the adrenaline kicks in. 
The routine and regime in prison would be fine for my son. He likes to know what time he is eating, showering and so forth. He is time conscious and regimented in many ways.
He doesn't have a great deal of sensory interests but he remembers everything. If you took my son somewhere he has never been before, he will remember the directions and tell you what motorway signs to follow the next time you go. He can read the TV guide once and will tell you what time and what channel a programme is on. He is extremely intelligent in so many areas.
I am in no way shape or form defending what he did. He really hurt someone. But prison is not the place for him.