Prison Profit - Written by Andrew

I would like to comment on what ex-offender had to say about the prison system. 
Well it is a bloody joke isn't it! 
I've been to prison and whilst not a political prisoner, it does not take a genius to see the flaws.
I'm not a drug user but was offered a good variety of them. I almost got bullied in to buying some but I stood my ground. Others fell in to the trap and the chase begins. Lads start sending out begging letters to their families and phone calls become not "how are you and the kids" but "please can you send me some money for toiletries" etc etc etc. 
The drug culture in prison is scandalous. But if they rid the drugs, there are better chances of prisoner rehabilitation. Ah but hold on to your horses, the system does not want one trick ponies, they want bums on beds which = money! 
I read an article last week about prison's being awash with drugs, especially legal highs, which have now become illegal, but easy to make yourself at home. Legal highs have killed people, they have taken lives of youngsters who experimented the shit for the first time - and their last.
The UK needs junkies, dealers and working girls to make a butty! Without them the revolving doors jam and 'rehabilitation' becomes somewhat of a reality. A glimmer of hope.
Everyday crimes such as theft, burglary, armed robbery and prostitution are nine times out of ten drug related offences. Drug addicts will flog a 50 inch TV for pittance just to mash their veins with all sorts of toxins. But the drug addicts keep the criminal justice system ticking over nicely. 
Why haven't the poppy farms been destroyed? It's a war-torn world yet the opium slithers it's way in to the UK like a snake in the wild. 
The world wants rid of leaders like Osama-Bin-Laden but no one mentions the poppy cultivation that is crippling the UK, America and other European countries. Google drug documentaries on You Tube and you will see who, apart from the killer drug dealers, is making a nice wedge out of our street junkies.
Prison's want people to go back. I totally agree that the UK criminal justice system is a profit making merry-go-round. 
When I go to my GP's, he advises me to stop smoking. It's bad for my health. 
When my wife goes to her GP, he suggests she stops eating certain foods that will cause high cholesterol. 
When I once took my son to see his GP, the Doctor did not advise my son to stop using heroin. Instead he referred him to a drugs clinic where they pumped his body with methadone that seeps in to the bones and is harder to detox from than heroin itself! 
My next door neighbour though, an alcoholic, receives a benefit supplement for being a piss-head - but hang fire, alcohol destroys the liver and the brain. Alcohol induced dementia is a growing concern in the UK but the Government give extra hand outs for you to kill yourself. 
The prison system is money spinner. Offenders have families too and offenders families buy their loved ones drinks, snacks, clothing, toiletries, phone credit, and whatever else is on offer. 
It is there in front of your eyes - the more junkies the better - the more crime the better because off the back of a criminal is a nice little earner.