Prison Rehabilitation? - From Anonymous Reader

I read, guest blogger's post and felt the need to reply. 
I was married to an heroin addict for 14 years and in those 14 years I have visited endless prison's with him inside them.
Every time he went to prison, he vowed that he had "had enough" and that he wanted to change his life... It never happened and I went above and beyond to support him. 
Two years ago I kicked his butt to the kerb because enough was enough. I washed my hands because as much as people quote that it is important to support a loved one who has been or is in prison, we have to look after ourselves too and in the latter part of our relationship; the situation made me ill. I was miserable and I had let myself go. It was as if heroin took over my life and I wasn't even a user of it! 
As for rehabilitation; it's bull-crap! Every prison and probation office in this country can quote rehabilitation but rehabilitation, education and all the things associated with turning one's life around cannot and will never ever compete with a brown disgusting evil powder called heroin.
Those who deal should be given a life sentence and that is my opinion.
The drug is to powerful and I agree politicians should be reading up on it because you cannot beat it. I know of just 2 people who are in life-time recovery from heroin but deaths from this drug far outweigh the fairy-tale endings of kicking the habit.