Prisoners Families and Re-offending - From Tula

Dear Prison Widow and Gang!
Right.. so prisoners families can reduce re-offending rates can they? 
My other half is in prison. When he first went in he did his drug withdrawal on the introduction wing or detox wing whatever you call them and got through it. He was then moved in to the prison population and was moved again to another prison where he could get his hands on whatever drug he wanted!!!
I work full time, have a nice home and lead a normal law-abiding life. He has been in prison three times since we got together ten years ago. 
I have always stood by him and thought my hardworking law abiding approach to life would turn things around for him... wrong!!! He is locked up again because he cannot come off the drugs. 
How can prisoners families compete with drugs such as heroin and legal highs?
I'm not being funny here but whoever is deluded enough to say that prisoners families can reduce re-offending is living in cuckoo land!!!
The only person who can reduce re-offending is the bloody person who commits crime and the way to do is... stop committing offences and breaking the law!!!
I have heard all the... "I'll stand by my man" stories like a stuck record... but seriously... repeat offenders... especially drug addicts can only help themselves!!! I have everything to offer and more and he still chooses the drugs!!! How can I reduce his re-offending? I can't and neither can hundreds of other families!!! Considering we are supposed to be miracle workers... who supports the families who supposedly can help reduce re-offending? 
It's now sunk in that I cannot support him unless he wants to give up the drugs... I've bumped in to the same families time over during prison visits so how do the powers that be honestly come up with this tripe?