Questioning Reducing Re-offending - From Partner of Ex Prisoner

Hi Everyone.
I stood by my husband when he was in prison. He got 7 years.
It was hard work but our visits worked well. 
When he returned home after three and half years, I had changed and so had he. The visits were great, but on the out we had both changed and wanted different things out of life.
So to say that families can reduce re-offending is slightly misleading. There are all sorts to consider and being released from prison can be a difficult time for families. I had gotten used to my own space and my outlook on life changed when my husband was in prison. I still loved him and still do love him very much but things changed when he came home. I went from being a nervous wreck when he first went in to prison to being calm and settled when I got my head around it, but when he came home I found that all my anxiety had surfaced again because I was checking up on him all the time. 
We didn't have any problems when he was in prison apart from him not being here of course, the problems started when he came home. It's all very well saying that families can lower re-offending rates but behind the happily ever after story is a bigger picture.