Reduce Re-offending? Don't Make Me Laugh! - From Burll

I am an ex-offender and would like to contribute to your blog.
Some families have been successful in reducing re-offending but take note why I use the word, "some". 
Before families can reduce re-offending, the process needs to start from the beginning which is, society! 
Let me put it you another way. Jack the Lad earns a roll of notes every day selling drugs. His family have the best clothes money can buy and there's always food on the table. 
Jack the Lads pal, Gary the Guy works in a factory and earns £200 a week. His family struggle to make ends meet and they use the food bank. Gary the Guy is also behind with his council tax bill and cannot afford any new clothes for his kids. Jack the Lad on the other hand risks going to prison, but he's been inside before and didn't serve that much of a stretch so it's worth the risk. 
I have met hundreds of lads in prison with exactly the same mindset. 
I live next door to a single Mum who wants to carve a career out for herself but she is better off on benefits. Perhaps not in the way of confidence building and so forth, but financially she is better off. Where's the incentive? 
If she works, she would not be able to afford to visit her partner in prison so therefore she cannot maintain contact and maintaining contact is important for prisoners and families is it not? 
Will the new reforms work? Of course they won't! 
How do we reduce crime? We can't because our streets are awash with drugs and addiction is rife. There's more domestic violence crime and murders along with stabbings and road traffic crime. The suicide rate has risen because the country is locked in a depression. 
I watched the Britain's Got Talent final which was very humbling. The winner, the soldier, stood proud and saluted his country. But whilst I was applauding the winner sat in front of the TV in my living room, I eyed a group of pissed up or drugged up youths from my window that were swearing and shouting at a neighbour who had kindly asked them to move away because their baby was asleep. Remember the case of Gary Newlove? All he did was try to move some youths on and he lost his life for doing it!
I don't know about prisoner rehabilitation but some families themselves need rehabilitating! How can families reduce re-offending when the offender comes from a dysfunctional background? Why would a youth shout and take the piss out of an elderly gentleman struggling to walk down the street? I heard some feral lad do this a few days ago. The old man was petrified! Rats in drains have more respect! 
Personally for me and having met lads in prison, the whole system will always be a shambles. It is a sorry state of affairs.