UK's Booming Drugs Trade - From an Ex-Con

Drugs have been floating around in prison's for years.
As an ex-con myself, I was smoking drugs in prison in the late 1980's. 
I'm not saying it's acceptable because anything that screws your brain cells up isn't acceptable. But the prison drug culture was different back then. 
Nowadays the drugs business in prison is a banging one! People don't wanna hear it but I will tell you now, it's big bucks in there! A simple mobile phone sim card costs an arm and a leg and once the 'legal highs' came bouncing in; well I rest my case! 
I have seen prisoner's take legal highs and their whole persona changes. Some become agitated and violent. It is a disgusting chemical high that kills and wrecks people's lives. 
The most I have done is smoke cannabis. I have never used any other drug. 
I have been padded up with heroin addicts; crack addicts; you name it! 
The whole prison estate is a jest! 
I read on your blog that someone said that prisoners should wear prison issued clothing and should not wear the latest designer swag. I agree. 
There'll be a few moans and groans but how many Nurses and other work forces wear uniforms every day? My wife is a Nurse and she wears what the hospital says she has to wear. 
You can always spot the plastic gangster in prison; their clothing speaks volumes! 
I feel for the families that have lost loved ones to drugs. One sweet lady I know lost both sons through heroin overdoses. People do quote the 'choices' word when talking about drugs; well it's their choice blah blah blah. Initially yes it is a person's choice; but heroin for example becomes a brain disease, which then becomes a mental health illness. 
Drug dealers prey on people with mental health illnesses. They reap in the notes and drug addicts do their donkey work so they can feed their own addiction. Someone also mentioned on your blog that they saw girlfriends and partners of drug dealers cry in court; I have no sympathy; they knew what was on the label when they became involved with them. Some families may be totally unaware of their loved ones criminal activity; but many know exactly what the score is. It's the kids I feel sorry for when it all comes on top! 
Back to the beginning; it is no biggy that there is a ban on legal highs; people addicted to using them need them so they will continue to circulate. 
I also read on your blog that someone said drug treatment orders are useless. Of course they are! It's a signing on place to see a GP who hands out scripts for methadone and other opiate based meds and the pharmaceutical industry is making a fXXXXXX fortune out of the system! 
Thousands of drug users use drugs on top of their court orders so where's the upside? 
If only drug users knew that not only are the dealers coining it in on them; the system is making a pretty penny out of them too! 
It makes no odds whatsoever that legal highs have been banned. They will join the rest of the illegal substance trade which let's have it right; is a booming one!