Business As Usual - From Former Prisoner

My opinion and I speak from experience is.. drum roll.. it's business as usual for some cons on the wings.
I do not wish to go in to great detail but some prisoners carry on where they left off on the out.
The system has failed re-training minds of the criminals and the criminals won't surrender to a squeaky clean lifestyle. I'm not saying this applies to everyone, but most of us have lost faith. 
How many ex-cons have made a good living out of being in prison selling their stories and setting up businesses?  I can name a few, but a few is all I can name. One successful ex-con is quoted as saying 'a probation officer changed my life'. That's very good, excellent in fact, but it was donkey's years ago when probation officers were heavily involved in supporting prisoners upon release. It was sturdy and your assigned officer would remain with you throughout your licence. Today, ex-offenders are bounced from pillar to post and you see new faces every time to go to your probation appointments. Even when you try to phone your probation officer named on paper, you are either told they are on annual leave or in a meeting. 
I'm happy that some of the old skool lads have had the support off their probation officers but the system today is just a tick box scheme and a recall roller-coaster. It's almost like probation officers have become driving test examiners.. recall so many a day... fail so many a day! 
I've been in prison 6 times. It's not something I'm proud of by the way, but it wasn't something I was scared of either. 
Prison's are always overcrowded; why? Kids were tags these days and are happy to show them off. Years ago people did everything in their power to hide them. It's no biggy; it's just business as usual.