Families Living With Heroin Addicts - From Partner of Prisoner

I watched the documentary about BEN last night. 
It was heartbreaking! 
The footage also shows how families struggle living with a loved one who is addicted to heroin! What a lovely lovely family and Ben still could not kick his drug habit. 
So I will move on and take this a step further. My partner is in prison. This is his 2nd time and here I am again fussing over him and making sure he is surviving in prison. Drug use has gotten him in to prison both the first and this sentence. But he can change with a good woman and a loving family supporting him can't he? He can't can he because heroin has taken over his mind and the outcome for heroin addicts isn't a good one. 
I have no words and I agree with the posts on your blog. How can families bloody support drug addicts and how can they prevent them from going to prison when a drug addict is so addicted to their drug that no one else matters apart from their drug? I am gutted because in my heart of hearts I know my partner will probably go to prison for a 3rd, possibly 4th time, that's if heroin doesn't take him to heaven first.