Have Your Prison Bed and Lie in it - From A Blog Reader

Families help to reduce reoffending by maintaining ties with their loved ones in prison? Can anyone send a list bullet points to show us how to do it please? 
The 1st time my other half went in to prison I was never away visiting and he reoffended. The 2nd time he went in to prison I didn't visit him and he hasn't reoffended. I used the tough love approach because it's his problem not mine. If he prefers a prison bed rather than our comfy one at home then he can make his prison bed and lie in it. I wasn't pussy footing around him anymore because by me visiting and sending him money was making it alright and quite frankly prison isn't alright. If it works for some people then fine but for me it is a complete contradiction. I might well come across as hard and cold but my children need a father figure, not a convict who commits crime for his own selfish needs. If he reoffends I will move on.