I Have Served My Time - From Prisoner's Wife

I am so so so glad someone has had the courage to say it as it is!!!
Thank you ex-offender for your post.
twelve years I have been married to an addict and for half of our marriage he has been inside!!!
He is currently in prison now and I have ended our marriage. I have kicked him to the curb because his junkie ways have taken its toll on me.
I find it a ******** insult that people say families of offenders can reduce re-offending!!!
How about covering the health and well-being of families who are encouraged to visit their loved ones in the nick only to look in to their eyes and see them pinned because the prison system cannot get a grip of the class A sweet shops that frequent every wing!!!
What is the point of sitting opposite a junkie in prison? Why have I wasted thousands of pounds on visits and why have I wiped his arse every time he re-offends? I wish I had never visited him in prison and let him hit his bottom!!! 
I feel like I have wasted 12 years of my life and I am devastated. I have paid debts off for him in prison, had dealers at my door demanding cash, been robbed, lied to and cheated on and manipulated. I have served my time as a prisoner's wife and I'm done. I now have to focus on my own re-offending and hope I have the strength to move forward. Rant over!!!