I Was Enabling My Partner in Prison - From a Blog Reader

Dear Prison Widow.. I was with my ex partner for 15 years and supported him through 3 prison sentences. I won't go in to the ins and outs but he went to prison for drug related (heroin and crack) offences. 
I don't know the percentage of people who are in prison for drug offences but I believe it's high.
I (stupidly) thought I could change him. I thought that with the right support and family environment, he would alter his ways and stay off the drugs. I was naive and I feel silly for wasting all those years on someone who did not want to help himself. 
This brings me to the families reducing re-offending rubbish. I completely and utterly agree that it's a cop out because the system (Gov) do not know what else to do. 
There are no miracle workers when it comes to class A drug addicts. To have someone in your life addicted to drugs is toxic and I am in recovery myself and I have never ever touched a drug/substance! 
Living with a drug addict has damaged me emotionally and the best advice I can give someone is - walk away. 
After 15 years of manipulation and trying to change someone's life, I woke up one morning to my awakening - I packed his bags and forced him to leave. 
He was great - when he was high, respectful - when he was high, loving - when he was high, wonderful when I gave him money and remorseful when he went to prison. But he wasn't a great wonderful partner - he was a junkie who had his cake and ate it. 
I was enabling his addiction and I was still enabling his addiction sending him money to prison so he could buy his essentials - drugs! 
I have since had counselling and I am recovering. 
What I really should have done when he first went to prison was cut all contact until he was clean. That is the correct way to do it. 
But by me maintaining contact and supporting him during his sentence sending him money every week, I was enabling him because deep down I knew the money I was sending was being used to buy drugs - not for what he was saying he needed it for which was treats and toiletries. 
Is maintaining contact with a loved one in prison a good thing? I am not sure it is. I think that prison's should disclose drug test results to family members. 
This would probably be a breach of data protection or privacy etc, but the fact of the matter is this; there should be no access to drugs in prisons anyway so in my opinion; disclosing drug test results to a family member should be mandatory; especially when the powers that be are releasing prisoners back to their family homes.