I Will Go Back to Prison - From Ex Offender B

Dear Prison Widow UK. 
I am an ex prisoner and here are my thoughts.
Rehabilitation has to start with the mind-set. So here goes....
I am repeatedly told that I have to go on the straight and narrow. Going on the straight and narrow means working for peanuts... I am currently working in a factory which is OK, but I am skint and struggling to provide for my family once the bills are paid. I had to go to the food bank last week to feed my family because my straight and narrow lifestyle, (which probation officers tell me is the right way to live) is what living is all about. 
I have been to prison a number of times and if this straight and narrow living subjects me and my kids to trips to the food bank every fucking week then for me I'll go back to prison! My partner is better off on benefits with me banged up than me being out living as a family unit and you have pricks sat in white collars and suits barking what's right and wrong and how people should live? 
I work hard and I like my job. It's first job I have ever had in my life and I am 32 years old. I know it's pretty sad isn't it and education is drummed in to us from an early age but I was brought up in a house with junkie parents who were not fit for purpose therefore I learned to read in a YOI. 
Some of your readers will say I have a bad attitude and my logic is wrong but my family are worse off with me being on the out living a straight and narrow lifestyle. My kids benefit from me being at home yes, but I can't feed them properly on my legit earnings so has anyone got any suggestions?