It's Crazy! - From Wife of Prisoner

I must say that I have to applause the post written by KK. 
Do the Government and those advising them think that we are thick?
Families play a strong part in reducing re-offending? First and foremost; it wasn't my fault that my husband chose to do what he did. HE got himself in to trouble with the law and he is now in prison. I did not force him to break the law. He is an adult and he is responsible for HIM. 
When he is released from prison; and if I think our marriage is worth saving; and he returns home; I cannot stop him from re-offending if that is what HE chooses. It is beyond bull to even insinuate that families can control their loved-ones actions. If the offender is a druggie; believe me they will walk away from everything they love; their children; house; job; to snort or shoot their drug of choice. Now considering that the prison population is rife with addicts; I would like an explanation to my comments. 
I used the excellent forum advertised on your blog called Sober Recovery. There is a fantastic forum on there for families of substance users. It is a straight talking forum and if families don't like the truth then join one that gives plenty of cuddles and love and light. 
The town I live in is rife with druggies and it is almost like the Police have relaxed tackling the problem. It's crazy!
This might not go down too well but I'll say it anyway; some of the families of prisoners I have come across when I have been visiting my husband cannot string a sentence together and are totally inappropriate in front of their kids. 
It's not just families of prisoners; it's families in general. You see it all the time. Anyway enough of my rambling and good luck to those involved in the prison reform - you are going to need it!